Animation Reel

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The image below opens the embedded reel on vimeo.

If you’d like to view the reel in higher resolution right-click and save one of the following links.

800 x 450 mpg (45mb) here.

800 x 450 quicktime (84mb) here.

Click on the image below to view the shot breakdown & credits.

Latest Finished Creation

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Website update

I created this animation for Gates of Eternity, an RPG/Adventure game being developed by Earthwave Studios. Click on the image below to view the high-resolution Quicktime video (32mb). To view an embedded version or read more about the game click on the Gates of Eternity page in the menu to the right.

Website update #2

I re-compiled the Larva animation cycles into one video. The individual cycles didn’t present well as separate videos so I composited them into one. Click the image below to view the high-resolution Quicktime video (55mb). Click here to view on vimeo or click here to view the lower resolution embedded version.

Dominance War V Competition

Click on the image below to view the animation on vimeo.

Latest WIP

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Shredok Monster Walk & Idle Cycles

This is the initial walk and idle cycles for the Shredok Monster for Gates of Eternity. Click on the images below to view the cycles in .avi format. Click the links below the images to see each animation hosted on vimeo.

Walk Cycle on vimeo

Idle Cycle on vimeo

Each Monster has a unique rig and between 15-25 unique animation cycles. It’s really exciting starting on a new character/monster and developing creative animations based solely on written descriptions. When I get finished with all the cycles I’ll compile them together into one video to show how the animations blend together in the game engine.