Part-time Career Change

I created this site to promote my knowledge and abilities after loosing my job as a 3D Animator for a company I worked for, for nearly 10 years.  After the layoff I was dead set on following my dream of getting a job as a full-time Animator in the game industry. But a different opportunity presented itself and has allowed me to continue 3D animation work in addition to other tasks, allowed for me and my family to live somewhat close to our nearest relatives, and gain some great benefits that carried over from my military service.

When I decided to take this opportunity in 2012 I also made a commitment to start offering my services as a contract animator, part-time in the evenings, available to small indie teams who needed quality animations at a reasonable rate.  If I couldn’t be employed as an animator within the game industry, I was going to participate as much as I could as a freelance animator.

Working as a part-time freelance animator was very rewarding. I was able to create content for several commercially released titles and gained a ton of experience dealing with real-time asset development. Each project was rewarding but I continued to have a desire to do more. To work on my own games.

Years ago – this would have been a pipe dream because without coding knowledge a solo artist could not develop a game on there own without the help of a programmer. But today – this is not the case. Artists can use tools that allow them to create code ‘visually’.

I decided late in 2016 I was going to stop contract work because I had this quest I needed to embark on. I NEED to work on my own game designs. I know this will be a difficult journey, but I’m very hard headed, excited and optimistic about the opportunity to work on my own creations, and see if I can make a run at indie game development.

Very exciting!

If you are interested in following this journey and checking out the games I’m working on click –


~ by Goodol'BoyGames on May 16, 2017.

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